Phone Sex: Yes, I Still Do It.

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I can’t believe it’s been over a year since my last blog, soooo much has happened, I don’t even know where to begin. Probably with the recent drama, I will get that out of the way.. blghh.

Phone Sex Drama

Yes, there are quite a few girls gone now. The blame is on me. About a year ago, I had something extraordinary drop into my lap, quite literally.. and I snapped it up without second thought. It has changed my life for the better in so many ways and took up a ton of my time. That left my girls feeling unwanted and abandoned. Their feelings were hurt and they revolted, found reasons to leave. I couldn’t be in chat every day, and I couldn’t be as quick to respond to emails… and as much as I miss some of those girls… I wouldn’t change a single thing. Im happy and so fulfilled right now.

The other thing I did wrong was try to be a friend to the girls, Ive never been a tyrant, and when I needed to be stricter, all I was met with was argument and fight. So, more left… and the stress levels for me coming back to work are all but gone. Don’t worry, even tho some have vowed to “laugh as my company goes up in smoke”, Im not going anywhere. I have a problem to resolve with a merchant account deciding that the name they pay me under is wrong, so they stopped sending my checks, but once it’s fixed, I can start hiring girls again. I have been paying out of my own savings for two months and don’t want to add on more money I have to pay out if I hire new girls… I have a couple of friends from NH and from Seattle that have showed interest… so we will see where that goes. Just can’t be friendly with em at work, or with the new girls… not like I used to be. That was a lesson I learned the very hard way.

If you guys have any questions, you are more than welcome to come and ask me. Ive been working nights and weekends again. Just remember if you want to do a call with me first.. just pm me to see if Im not already on a call. With my limited schedule, I tend to book up fast. Yes, I will even tell you what was so awesome that happened to me, if I know you well. No, I didn’t run off with a guy, that would be so cliche.. lol.

Phone Sex Operator For President

I worked hard with the campaign last year to get our president re elected. Oh don’t tell me you are shocked that I am a die hard democrat. Im an independent woman who runs her own company, the fact that I talk so freaking dirty should have been a big clue that I am liberal. lol I am very, very proud of my work and I even got to see the big guy himself a few times, shaking his hand at one event. I have such a crush on him.. lol.

This was after I went to DC in April. I spent a week there exploring the Mall and all it’s wonders. I loved hanging out at the museums and I think by far my favorite spot was with Abe Lincoln. If you haven’t been, you so totally should go. The last time I was down there I didnt get to see much, not with all the other John Stewart fans at the Rally for Sanity.. lol.

I also got to see the shuttle, both on the back of an airplane and in the hanger at the space and flight museum. I got so close I could almost touch it. I still get goose pimples just thinking about it.

Do It All Dolly

Ive also opened a second business that I can do in the daylight.. lol. It’s a straight up vanilla company with a non high risk merchant account.. and Im having a blast doing it. Im an event planner in the Boston area… I love being creative and so far all the events Ive planned have been… awesome!!!!

Kinky Phone Sex.. The kinkier, The Better

Got a kinky fantasy that is burning a hole in your brain? Come share it with me… I have the perfect wicked imagination that can match your perversion perfectly.

I get asked all the time why am I so good at what I do? It’s because I get off on this stuff… I can pretty much guarantee you, I cum harder than you do… every single time.. lol.

Call Me!
Brigitte, aka The Wonder Whore

Phone Sex Operator Survives The Sharks… Barely.

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OK Ok, not really, there were no sharks. I went scuba diving yesterday! I flew down to Florida Friday night to play with my girl Ashley for the next week and some change, and the first full day here… she took me out to the “Bone Yard” in Venice Beach. Let me tell you, it was flipping awesome and I was so nervous… cause there be sharks in them there waters. The water is pretty murky, a visability of 5 to ten feet, and a little claustrophobic, but as soon as I got to the bottom I was good… cause I was diggin in the sand looking for loot.. aka fossils.

We had to go down tethered to the each other, so no one would get lost. I mostly saw just Ashleys Ass(nice but not a meg tooth) and gravel the whole time, but I did run across this lil creature…

starfish Phone Sex Operator Survives The Sharks... Barely.

The Wonder Whore Makes A New Friend

I played with him for a little bit then let him go. I wish I knew what his true color was, cause you lose red at 10 feet, so everything starts looking greenish. I can’t get a pink dive suit, cause I would be invisible under water.

So, Im hopin along the bottom, being drug by Ashley who is like a woman on a mission, finding lil sharks teeth, vertibrates of various animals, got two nice size dugongs.. when all of the sudden.. I see it… my holy grail… my first Meg Tooth that I find on my own… see below…

mytooth Phone Sex Operator Survives The Sharks... Barely.

The Wonder Whore Finds Her First Tooth

I know its a blury picture, I was shaking with excitement.. golden rule, document your find before you touch it.. and boy did I want to touch it. I snapped off that pic, and snatched it up as fast as I could.

me Phone Sex Operator Survives The Sharks... Barely.

Don't Make Fun Of My Scuba Face... The Wonder Whore Will Hurt You.

Now, I have two meg teeth.. both given to me. This is the first one I have every found on my own… Im having it framed in a shadow box as soon as I get home. I may or may not have slept with it last night too. But I plead the fifth on that.

Later on this week, we are heading down to the keys to scuba dive. Im so freaking excited. The Florida Keys have been on my bucket list for the longest time, and not only do I get to go there. I get to dive there. No fossils to be found in those waters, just coral reefs and wild life… and probably sharks. I don’t have to out swim the sharks, I just have to out swim Ashley… I should be ok.
On the dive I met this awesome chic, salt of the earth, nature girl that I am totally in love with. Hot body, awesome personality, a real gem. On the ride out to the bone yard, we were talking bout what I do for a living, and on the way back… she asked if she could work for me. I snapped that sweet thing up in a heart beat. So hopefully in the next few weeks you guys will get to meet her, and fall in love with her as well.

I am having a blast down here, last night and Friday Night Chat have been fucking hilarious. I think half the time we forget we are working and just let the laughter roll. Ashley and were sitting side by side chatting away, and the lil hussy sounds out loud each of the words I misspell… fucking hussy. Then, I get all buck with her, and she would smack me in the chat room, and I would smack her back while she set next to me.

At the end of the week is my speaking engagement, which is almost booked out. I have a room that fits 100 people, and space is getting very limited. Im recruiting new girls in the area, so look out for a buttload of new peeps showing up on the sites. (fingers crossed) Afterwards, quite a few of the girls from the sites are meeting me for a training session and an overall get together. I can’t wait, some of these girls have worked for me for awhile and I have never met with them in person. I wont say who, to protect their privacy… but they may offer it up.. lol.

Anyways, I need to go for a run, its been raining all morning and just broke now.. so I had better get it in. Just thought I would stop by for a quick update and share my pics!

Brigitte Kelly
The Wonder Whore

Phone Sex Ain’t Easy… oh wait.. it is!

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Dudes, where did 2011 go? I swear, if I didn’t have the battle wounds from everything I accomplished this past year, I would have thought I slept right through it, it went so fast. This Phone Sex Princess is rocking the phone sex world, like I said I would.. lol. And the academic world as well.

PhoneSex Co-Ed
My last semester as an undergrad, pretty exciting. I still have four more years of school till Im done, but if it goes as fast as the past has, then I will be a doctor in no time… Science Doctor, not turn your head and cough doctor.. lol. Save for the late classes I have, this semester is turning out to be pretty easy, should be a breeze.

I can’t wait for spring break, Im heading back down to Florida where Ashley is, stayin with her and her hubby and just chillaxin in my happy spot. May hit up the beach, may go scuba diving, more than likely will get some more fossil hunting under my belt. Im hoping I can also meet all my new Florida girls while Im down there. That would rock hard core!

How To Rule The Phone Sex Industry
So, when I started this company, one of my main goals was to change the industry, a little at a time. One of the ways I wanted to do this, was by doing lectures and meet and greets with possible new hires. Being that we are all over the country and Canada, I think it would be awesome to put a face on the phone sex industry. So, I have set up six speaking engagements up all over the us, and am working on one in Montreal. Im pretty excited, and yes, very nervous about doing them. Sorry boys, they will be for women only, and will be pre screening applicants who want to attend to make sure they are in fact female. My safety is pretty important. I did a lecture at my college a few years back on what its like to pso, and it went over very well. I wish I would have recorded it, so I could build on it, but c’est la vie. I will be recording these lectures for sure.

This summer, we are also bringing the girls to Boston for a summer lovin session. I kid I kid, I wish. More like they are coming for some hands on training.. hand on my panties, lol. Again, I wish… but let’s just say I will be in la la land with all my girls here. I figure we can tour Boston one Day, Maybe Salem, Ma another day, and do training on the bus, or rent a conference center in Boston and do it up all professional like. Might do something to have you guys help get the girls here, like for every thirty minute call you buy, I donate five dollars to their airfare fund or something like that.

I hired a bunch of girls this month, four more are starting in the next week or so. Sadly, Ill be taking down quite a few girls in the next few weeks because it seems they lost interest. So either I will get them re-motivated, or they will simply disappear. I hates it when I lose a lovely, but so is life. I have a goal of hiring six girls a month, so you guys always have new interactions in the chatroom with awesome beauties. I love changing the dynamics often, I think it keeps things fresh and new.

Also, I have plans to put some of you men to work in a good way… hee hee. A fun way too. Don’t worry, I won’t work you without rewarding you greatly!

Traveling Phone Sex Girl

I got to go the JFK Library and Museum this past month. It was a lot of fun, as I love history as much as I love museums.. lol. I learned a lot, and it was pretty cool to read one of his college papers, part of his thesis, and to stand so close to Jackie and his belongings. If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend it. I got me some awesome jfk buttons as souvies too. Like old campaign buttons.. totally rocks.

Im hoping in Feb I get to go down to Lizzy Bordens house, I think that would rock. Just a little day trip down to southern mass, check out the place where she murdered her family, oh nothing much. It’s spose to be haunted. I also have a hot date for valentines, gonna hit up the melting pot… can we say chocolate fondue .. yum. Who’s my date with? Kat, and possibly the new girl Emily, if I can get her to come.

After march, my life is probably gonna get pretty crazy. I got trips planned and booked all over the place, my cruise, Seattle, LA, and so many more I can’t even think straight, most are weekend trips, least the little speaking engagements are, the rest will be week long or more. My friends in Seattle miss me like crazy, they tell me all the time. Makes me a little homesick, but then I get busy and forget, lol.

Wintertime Fun!
I am so loving the winter here this year.. barely any snow! And its almost FEB! Score! Most days it looks like spring here, which I am lovin, and I cant wait til the weather is warm enough to go jogging. I need to go work off the chocolates someone sent me for Christmas.. hmmmm Mr D. Tsk Tsk.

Please, everyone, root for the Giants… I have been harassed non stop since my Broncos forgot to show up at the playoffs. I beg you, Go Giants. Send the pat fans a message that it is not nice to make a lil defenseless bronco fan cry. I was just excited we made it to the playoffs, we were 8-8, sucky. But there is always next year! (Sorry Snoop, but I hate the pats)

We have a super duper Valentines Special, buy an hour call and receive a personal recording from your favorite girl. Only some of the girls are participating, so make sure you check with them first. This Starts Feb 1 and goes to Valentines Day! Personal Phone Sex Recordings will be no shorter than ten minutes and no longer than twenty! See, I rock!

I think thats about it for now. Talk to you soon pookies!


No Rest For Wicked Phone Sex

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or Wicked PhoneSex Operators. Man, this has been one CRAZY ASS SUMMER!

Thank you to everyone who has been voting for our site. I know it’s odd, us being the operators and you being the callers, but I really do feel like this company is a team effort. It’s as much my company as it is yours. By you voting, you help keep us bringing in new callers, letting the girls earn and play enough to keep them with us. Your dedication this summer has completely brought me to the brink of tears so many times. I am extremely grateful for each and everyone of your votes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Im this industry, their is the curse of the summer slow down. To be honest, I have never felt it and believe it to be a self fulfilling prophecy. My philosophy is, girls dress way less in the summer, inspire naughty thoughts? Am I right? Of course I am. This summer, we reached sales I did not think we would make until five years in. (I have graphs and goals for each month, each year) In parts because I got extremely lucky with the girls I hired over the summer, parts because my brother and the other are advertising wiz’s, and a large part due to you guys.

SOOOO… In celebration of this FUCKING AWESOME SUMMER, we are going to have a 72 hour party to end all parties. (Well, at least to end all parties until my next huge event planned for October)

Grab Your Lube For Our Phonesex – A – Thon!

Join us Friday Sept 2 through the 5th for our first annual Masturbate-a-thon. Pledge your orgasms to us that weekend as we have a giant task ahead of us. We want this labor day weekend to be the weekend of 1000 orgasms!!!

So, get this. We are planning podcast updates all through out the weekend as we get closer and closer to our goal. Each podcast will have one our many of our girls doing lil routines to entertain you through out the weekend. I plan on disclosing some of my blunders, others will be telling jokes, stories, singing and reciting naughty poetry. I can’t wait to hear what the girls come up with for me.. Im so excited!!!

We will be giving away discounted calls all weekend long to all our VIP callers as well as give away awesome Free call packages. Every call you make labor day weekend will enter you in for a drawing to win one of the following prizes. 3rd place will receive a free ten minute call, 2nd place a 30 minute call. First place will receive a 15 minute call, once a week, for four weeks.

So, the past couple of weeks have been pretty rough. Started with a gentleman cyber stalking with one of my girls, rolled into another company sending their girls in to our chat room to take traffic, rolled into me firing six of my own girls (two groups) for various reasons and ended with my poor Boo being hospitalized for three days. Let’s just say, this time last week I was a walking wreck. I couldn’t even keep my girls straight, let alone function as a human being.

I will protect my girls with all I have. I will not put up with clients thinking that because we are their on the phone, it makes us fair targets to be harassed/stalked. I will involve the authorities quicker than you can say restraining order. These women are my family, my sisters, my lovers, and my best friends. I do not take their safety lightly.

To the other companies sending your girls in, I applaud you for keeping up the image that society has of a phone sex operator. I implore you to rethink your actions so you can hold your head up with some sort of dignity. We catch you, we boot you, we move on. I can understand the envy one must have over my extremely happy chat room, but truth be told, it wasn’t that hard to get it to this point. I treat my girls with respect and dignity and in return, they love what they do even more. Try it once, I promise you it is the correct recipe to success.

We had some bad seeds, they are gone now. Everything is as it should be.

Oh, and a phone sex site that DOES NOT take the time to make sure it’s pictures are sized right on it’s page, is NOT going to take the time to make sure your fantasies/calls are done correctly. Im just saying. The proof is in the pudding.. lol.

Thank you for everyone who sent me flowers and well wishes while Boo was ill. It was an extremely close call, the vets never said how close till he was out of the woods. I think they royally messed up by putting him on pain killers without hydrating him, and it screwed his kidney, compounding the back issue he already had. He’s almost as good as new, as he is being very hard to keep still. He’s sposed to be kenneled for the next ten days, but Ive been bad and let him lay next to me. I don’t think I cried as much as I did when I thought I was going to lose him. He and willow have saved my life a thousand times over, I don’t know what I would do without them.

So, since I survived a rough couple of weeks. Kat and I decided that it was time for me to take a cruise around Italy. We bought tickets for June of next year for a steal. 1100 for the cruise tickets, we are just waiting to see if we can get air fair under eight hundred a piece. I am so freakin excited. I may miss graduation, I haven’t checked the dates yet, but I don’t care. Its the trip Ive been planning for for like forever, and it’s time I take it. The kicker is… some of the other girls said they would go if I can help get them earning a certain amount a week. So, am going to work my lil ass off to get them all up and overseas with me. My company rocks. I already have several signed on for my January vegas trip, now at least one is going to Italy with me! I of course will be posting pictures in my facebook of all the places we go. Possibly via twitter to, if I can figure that out.

I want to save as much spending money between now and then so I can take an empty suitcase with me to fill up. I know I want to shop till I drop. I also want some artwork for my home, like the kind you can buy off the street artists for waaaay too much money. I am so super excited. I know, I know. I have been talking bout this trip and others for like forever. But I have bought the tickets, I am going hell or high water.. wth does that mean? lol. Anyways, it’s a done deal. Rickrick from chat was helping with places to make sure I visit as he’s been to most of them before. I will be sure to pick his brain some more in the weeks leading up to it. If you guys have been, please give me any pointers. If your know Italian, practice it with me! Im so going to be counting down the days!

Oh, yeah.. and speaking of facebook. I am all over it, playing scrabble with you guys, as well as my new addiction, Sims social. So, here’s the deal. I know a lot of you can’t really friend us because we are after all, phone sex girls, so I was thinking. How bout creating a gmail account just for us, that you can use for the receipts you get from our company, use that account to plus one us (it automatically creates a google profile for you) by clicking on the lil plus sign on the front page of phone sex chat room as well as the inside page too. Then create a facebook account using your gmail account and friend us all. You can play games with us plus keep up to date with all our events! Also, I can see when your birthday is, and reward you accordingly when the time is right. Simply email me with your new gmail address and we can get you all locked and loaded.

We aren’t sure how doing the google plus will help us in the long run, we just want to be way ahead of the game when and if it takes off. Always smart to be a step ahead. Soon I will have it on all the sites, just in case. And as always, thank you guys sooo much for all your help.

Oh, and I will kick your butt in scrabble. Im also learning texas holdem, so we can have our own chatroom tournements. I will kick your ass at that too. Im just saying.. try me if you dare. Hee Hee. And please kick Tatianna’s butt for getting me hooked on the Sims Social on Facebook. So not cool, but yes, Im kicking everyone’s ass on that too. I just don’t like failing. Only two people so far have beat me in scrabble… and let’s just say, that was a learning curve.. hee hee.

I go back to school in two weeks. I love school, but I wish I still had some more time. I am going to hire one more gaggle of girls (or is it giggle of girls, lol) before I head back to study. I just want to make sure I have enough girls to cover the chatroom to keep it fun and happening.

I can’t believe this is my last year as an undergraduate. Next year I will start working on my masters. It’s gone by soo freaking quickly. I still have so much work to do, but I just know this year is going to fly on by. It’s been an incredible journey so far. I so rule.

Well, I have been writing in this almost all night long, stopping for calls and the occasional Sims break. :::shakes fists at Tatianna::: so I better sign off and start on advertising our Rub OFF – a -thon.. oh yes, expect many a-thon names for our Labor Day Event.. not to mention, Spooge Fest, Lube Fest, Jerk fest.. etc. You so get the picture. I am so gonna have a lot of fun with this!

kiss, kiss, kis,

Phone Sex Cherry Pickers Needed

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Phone Sex Explosion

If you haven’t stopped by our sites in awhile, you are going to be in for a big surprise. This lil hussy hit pay dirt when it comes to awesome talent. I have hired like a gazillion girls and guess what? I love each and every one of them. They fucking rule, as do all my girls. I can’t wait to get the rest trained and running, and then yes, I am officially on a hiring freeze for a little bit till I balance out advertising.

I have a girl for your every taste, desire, fantasy, pleasure, fetish or kink. Each one of my girls are just as amazing as the next, and it’s truly a team effort, it really is. I have girls helping girls, helping me, helping clients and most of all we are having a blast. It’s kinda funny, the times all us girls are alone together in the chat room without any guys are turning into some of my favorite times. We laugh, joke, and just have a good time, with or without you. It’s bitter sweet that those moments of all girl-e-ness are getting fewer and fewer. But that’s the way it’s spose to be, right?

So, I have eight new girls this weekend, and I need some of you boys to come and pick their phone sex cherries. They need to be brought fully into the realm of phonesexdom, and what better peeps to do it then my very own sexy callers. Ask me which girl I would think will be best for you, and I will match you to the girl of your dreams. (The other girl of your dreams, I share)

Im going to need a bigger chat room too. My brother and the other have offered to build one to what I need with some pretty awesome bells and whistles. Those boys have saved me a mint on all the cool tech stuff me and the girls get to use. It’s going to take some time, as neither have ever built one, so if you have any suggestions at all, please email them to me

Pretty proud of my not so little company. No, Im not rolling in the dough. I could be, but not yet. The mass majority of what the girls earn right goes back into the company, the rest goes for a rainy day, just in case something happens. My girls are my number one priority. I make more than enough doing calls and v.o. work, that I am pretty comfortable. I know I will get to the point where I will HAVE to get rich off the site.. poor me, but right now, Im focused on being the best there is, both for my girls and for you guys. I dream of changing this industry, or at the very least having people know that if my name is on a site, if its one of my girls sites, or one of their companies under me… then you know you can trust it.

Kicked Ass In BU

I am done with my first year at Boston University! Frickin rocked it out of the ball park. Second term was def way more easier than my first. My professors loved me, loved me so much I was invited to to do research somewhere cool (safety, safety) , but I had to turn down because I already have too much on my plate as it is. I was thinking about taking on an extra classes like I did in Community College but nah, finals week nearly killed me this last go round, so Im just going to be wise and take this at normal pace. Maybe when I get managers trained and an office assistant that sticks around, then I will try to take on more.

I am such a dork. I love everything about school. I even .. don’t laugh… smell my college books every chance I get. I even got caught by my fave prof, and he died laughing. The class didn’t see me, so they thought he was just having a nervous breakdown, cause he was laughing so hard he couldn’t breath. He pulled me aside and said he’s done the same thing, but the “look on my face when he caught me, was priceless. Like Bambi in a rifle site”. He makes me feel pretty special, not like he wants to fuck me special, cause he has a wife, whom I adore. But he told me Im one of the few people that have a brain to back up my passion for what I want to do. So many “kids” are all passion, no substance. Made me feel good.

Lets see, what else?

Viva Las Vegas

Went to vegas twice since Feb. Once to meet up with my dad, some friends, and have fun and the second time to go do more v.o. (voice over) work. Ive had to turn down two jobs in the past six months, a big no no in this industry, specially since Im trying to break into the LA market, so I had to go out for a week. I didn’t get to see much of Vegas besides the studio, but they let me take my lap top in for the down times and I could entertain myself else wise.

Greece v. The Wonder Whore: Cancelled

I couldn’t break away from my company long enough to go to Greece, which is where some of my best friends are right now. They went to Italy last year without me.. grrr. Sucks, but we are growing so fast, there was just no way. With all the new hires I have, it just wouldn’t be fair to leave them alone. I need to be there to answer questions and help out as much as I can. Their success or failure is as much mine as it is theirs.

Next year, my friends are going to Japan. I’m going too… grrrr.

The Wonder Whore Says:

The Wonder Whore Says: Go To and vote
The Wonder Whore Says: Email me back the vote code and click enter on central
The Wonder Whore Says: Tell me what position phone sex chat room is in?
Happy Dance
No Really, Happy Dance
Lol, ok, The Wonder Whore Says: Shake that bootay.

A WE ARE NUMBER ONE. My girls are awesome and so are so many of you who have helped vote. Please, keep up the good work, (but make sure we are voting fair, we don’t need to cheat) Only once every three hours and fifteen minutes. I can’t wait for Friday Night Chat tonight. Last weekend, we were packed to the brim and we pulled in calls like you wouldn’t believe. I was a total happy camper, as were our callers.

Come in tonight, from 11pm to 1am EST … for our little party we have every Friday. At midnight I give away a free call. But you can’t be in blue, (blue boys are guys who haven’t called in the past thirty days, or ever.) If I don’t know if you are a caller, then I don’t know if you are a minor. So chat has to stay pg whenever a “blue baller” is in the room and def no free call to the potential kiddie. Most of you are VIP silver already, make sure you use the VIP entrance on the main page to get your silver status!

So, Friday Night Chat is a huge hit. Plus the bar rush after (all you fellows coming home randy from your local watering holes) have really give my girls ago. I can always tell when last call is in each of the time zone, cause ten minutes later we get ravaged! It’s so hot. I have learned that the smell of brandy on a mans breath drives me wild, to bad it was my gay boyfriend that helped me find that out.

Starting this Saturday, we will be having game night from Midnight to 2am EST and again will be giving away a call to a VIP-er. Actually looking forward to it, the girls are pretty excited. Yes, for those who are worried, if we do trivia, we will Duct tape a certain brainiacs thumb away from his trigger, so you can have a fair chance to win! He will have to chew through the tape to answer the questions, so that should slow him down.

For those who care…

right now I am butt ass naked. My hair is to my waist again, but this morning I have it tied up in a lose knot on my head. I just got out of the shower after a nice long run, so I smell all pepperminty from my body wash and shampoo. I let my nails grow in the summer, don’t ask me why, and right now they are painted in Sephora’s “just a fairy tail” by OPI. On the door behind me is a White gauze summer dress that is going to show off my deepening tan (actually sun kissed, no spray on now) with a little fuzzy white sweater for when I go in over air conditioned buildings. I have white cork healed sandals, brand new in the box, in my lap as I type this.

I so need to move to Florida so I can dress like this every day of the year!

But I wont, I promised the brother Id stay a few more years. I have to finish at least one more year at BU, if not five to get my doctorate. Plus I just bought their house, (it will be a done deal as of Monday) as they are moving into a bigger one down the street that they just had built. I will stay to remodel this one, maybe sell it and move, or … hopefully by then I can have a house here and a house in Florida.

Either way, I will be in Florida by fall for a visit, but only after traveling to Colorado to see family, bring my niece back so we can take on NYC. Im calling it.. “The NYC Toy Store Tour” as thats all she wants to see, then taking her back and staying a bit in SF. I have some friends out there Im gonna party with for a bit, as well as visit family.

None the less, Ill need to get all my sites built in the next month, to hold me over while I go back to class in the fall. Last week I popped out two, that aren’t ready for soft launch yet, I have two multi girl sites Im doing this week, on top of training, on top of two plus single girl sites, two revamps… and oh yeah, trying to have my own life. Don’t worry bout me, I actually thrive under pressure. Whatch me rock this weekend, and then crash like crazy on Sunday!

I still have to finish pink dungeon… so much text and content is going into it. It’s already one of the more popular sites I have right now, and keeps getting busier and busier. I swear, I don’t think Ive giggle-dommed so many guys in my entire life.. just wait till I bust the next surprise on them. They won’t know what hit them.

Phone Sex Wack-a-Doodle

Oh yeah, and on top of all this. Im taking dance classes again as well as cake decorating. Just to prove to you what a whack a doodle I am… Im running a half marathon in October. Yeah, cause I don’t have enough to do… lol. One of the girls from the sites is coming down from Canada, we are driving to NY and doing it up proper. Should be a lot of fun, lol!

Oh, and here is a pic of my cake I decorated…
fishie Phone Sex Cherry Pickers Needed

Fourth Of July Weekend

Im actually up early cause I have quite a bit to do for the weekend. Saturday, we are throwing a big fourth party here for all our friends. Kinda a last hoorah in my brother and the others old house. I have the house all decorated, which I was en charge of, but I have to go to rental places pay to secure a tent and some chairs.. just incase of a freak thunderstorm, or best case scenario… to shield us from the sun. Should be a lot of fun, plus I get to decorate another cake .. woo hoo.

I should be around the rest of the weekend, because this is notoriously my busiest weekend, with the actual fourth being the second busiest day after Black Friday. So I will be here for you boys. Monday, Im going with my gaggle of girls to a festival and to watch fireworks, but Ill take calls in the morning and in the evening. I can even sneak away during the party to my room, if you really, really need a Brigitte Fix.

Whew, I think thats about it. Make sure you catch up with me, all this is just the tip of the ice burg of what is going on with my life. I am truly have so much fun, it’s not even funny.

The Wonder Whore

PS The girls have a drinking game going on with my typos.. half of them are lit 24/7. It’s inspiring a new site to come in the near future, just fyi.

Made Advertising My Phone Sex Bitch!

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Holy Canoly has January and February been good to me. I made some new friends. Found some new callers that will be life time buddies of mine. Reconnected with callers from my phone sex past. And most importantly, my lil phone sex company grew, both in sales and with new hires. I’m so happy I could giggle till I turn blue.

The best part is, Ive sent out seven more emails for interviews on applications I just got this past week. I have mad advertising out to promote my totally awesome sites. I have been working on the idea for a phone sex conventions (girls only) for years now, and it looks like Ive got one, if not two backers now for it. All this, taking hot calls on my own, training new girls AND going to school full time… well, just means one thing… I truly am the wonder whore! lol

I am getting so close to having all my dreams come true, its not even funny. My school, for the rest of my time there, is completely taken care of. Which means, I can start the process of buying the house from my brother and the other. If all things go as planned, I can start hiring an architect by the end of the year to help me tear this bad boy down and build my castle (pink castle) of course. It won’t actually look like a castle, Im told that is gauche, but it could quite possibly be pink. It will however have a room for me to practice ballroom dancing, an indoor ish swim pool, giant master bathroom, and a movie room, just for starts.. lol. Dream Big, Work Hard, or Go Home!

I have come from small beginnings, but that just doesn’t mean I had to stay small. I so want to instill my way of thinking into all my girls, that this “job” can change your life. It has mine, that is for sure.

I got royally spoiled on Valentines Day. Thank you special peeps who completely surprised me with presents. Flowers, Chocolates, Balloons and My vermont teddy bear with matching hoodie footie pajamas (which I wear ALL THE TIME) totally made me feel special! Thank you notes to come!

I also sent out handmade valentines to my boyfriends… they looked something like this…5470643038 7a0664cc23 Made Advertising My Phone Sex Bitch!

School is awesome. I’m taking the classes that I should have taken last semester. Its so much easier when you aren’t in boring studies you put yourself in because you want to take it easy your first semester at a new u. Im such a fool. This semester is going to whiz by, I just know it. My classes are so much fun, they are over before I know it.

Spring break will be here soon, and then I am off to Vegas a few weeks after.. again. I looove that place. Meeting my dad and some friends from Washington there this time. Kathleen is coming too, hopefully she will be just as big of a slut as she was last time! I should just move there, I love it sooo much. Can’t wait to see inside the Cosmo. My big d got me tickets to “o” for Christmas and I am definitely seeing Peepshow again!

It looks like the rest of the girls, or a good portion of them, and I might be heading off to Miami this summer. I want to get a suite on the beach and just fill it with girls? We could have a hot time and.. uh… I can have some girl on girl training… i mean, uh… one on one, lol. I want to have a rewards dinner with them and a mini phone sex convention, sort of a dry run for the bigger vegas one.

I have so many trips planned. I have to squeeze them in where I can. You know me, I can’t stay still long. I GOT TO TRAVEL. My pink suit cases are so beat up, I soo need to get a new pair, but I haven’t found some that I really like. I shall keep searching. I want pink damask just gotta find it.

You know what? I have to ring my own bell, Imma good boss. I send presents, cards, train non stop, and I know personally what all my girls strong points and what points I can help them on. I love having such awesome girls to work with, that def makes my job sooo much easier. Like Ive said before, come to me if you want something specific from your PSO and I will match you to the right girl and give her any tips or tricks to help make your call the best call ever.

Im also extremely fair. I do not force the girls to work minimum amounts of time each week, make them have to earn a certain amount every week, or force them to slave away in the chatroom Most of all, the girls are free to work for other companies. I think companies that demand working so much and not let them work else where, well, are bad.

First, the girls shouldn’t have to force themselves to do phone sex. They should want to sign in. They shouldn’t feel like they have to take every call or their job depends on it. Makes for a not fun work environment. Not to mention, I worked for a company that fired girls if they didn’t do a minimum. I watched so many GOOD operators, that if given a little more direction and a little more training, would have seriously rocked it. (Tanis, I miss you) My top earner, took a little bit longer than three months to get on her feet, and now, she will probably retire my ass if she keeps doing so good. (I only see big, bright things for her as well as the rest of my ladies)

Ive worked for a few companies before starting my own. You’d be surprised, some call their girls, the clients, everyone that walks.. idiots. (when truly the person should look in the mirror) One thought he was gods gift to phone sex, was blind to the fact that not all guys like the same kind of phone sex. Not to mention ridiculous rules. Guys, if a turn over rate is high in a company, run. Those aren’t pso’s, those are trapped girls who get used to till they burn out or are unfairly let go.

Im pretty happy with the biz I run. Happy Girls. Happy Clients. Happy Me. What more could I ask for, right? Well, more time.. lol.

Im thinking about starting this project where you have to take a picture a day. It supposedly gets your creative juices flowing. I know someone who is a professional photographer that does it… and its got my interests peaked. I would probably just use my cell phone cam, or go travel somewhere or something to do the pics… I don’t know, what do you guys think?

Im seriously ready for spring… check this out… my friend dawns house a few weeks ago…5470643068 3553b8f939 Made Advertising My Phone Sex Bitch!

On that note, I got to go write newsletters for my guys and for my girls. Tha
Talk to you soon,

chatroombanner 2 Made Advertising My Phone Sex Bitch!
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15 15f Made Advertising My Phone Sex Bitch!

Phone Sex in the New Year

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Happy New Year!

Don’t die of shock… yes, I remember how to blog, lol. This Phone Sex Princess is here to rock your world. Hee Hee… Im sucha dork!

Man O’ man what a year 2010 was! Got my phone sex company going. Graduated from my community college! Started Boston U and have rocked my first semester… straight A’s! Did voice over work for a cartoon and a video game (that many got for xmas this year) and made great connections in that world if I ever need a 2nd, or 3rd full time career.

I went to Florida, learned to scuba dive, went to Colorado, California, NYC, Washington DC to Return Sanity, Cruised Lake Washington with the sexy babe in the red dress, AND went to Vegas with some of my taboo phone sex girls girls that work for me.

Holy Fuck am I exhausted… hee hee.

Woah… I always said, I want to live life, not just pass it by. This year, I def put my money where my mouth is. The really great thing is, 2011 is looking like its going to shape up to be just as awesome.

My company keeps growing and growing. I love all my girls, they are all bright shiny stars in my book. I spent the last week hiring even more totally awesome girls… so be on the look out for even more fresh faces on my cheap phone sex websites. I will have at least six sites to launch before I go back to school on the 19th. Four single girl sites as well as two multi girl sites. Onwards and upwards.

I am hopin that this is the year we get our dispatch system in, as well as start some of the girls (that want to start) on the path to being phone sex company owners as well. I have two training manuals I have completed, one on how to be a phone sex operator and another on how to run your own company being edited right now. I plan on (self) publishing them as soon as I get the rewrites done.

I have more trips planned, looking at 4 or 5 out of state trips at least, just have to squeeze in time between my classes. I am so looking forward to spring break, oh yeah.. and I will be taking the summer off from school this year… so more naughty fun for me. Still can’t get to Italy, want to go sooo bad, but I really want to take a month off to just explore that country. Right now with school, that’s just impossible. My friends went without me this year and had a blast, those bitches, but I will get there some day!

Like I said, I learned to scuba dive last year and I loooooove it. Still scared of sharks, but if Im under with certain friends, I know I am completely safe. Plus, hearing the dolphins click in the distance makes me feel really safe. This year, I need something else to learn… Ive done rock climbing, ballroom dancing, and now scuba? Wonder what else is out there that I can add to my many talents? No jumping from extremely high places.. nu uh. Maybe trapeze? They teach that around here.

Sorry to so many having a hard time getting a hold of me. Between training new girls and doing calls and school and life… I get a little tied up. Please, since I can’t call you back if I miss your call… send me an email, and I will respond when I am free. That seems to work out the best. Normally, I will miss your call by a few minutes, and have no way of letting you know I am free.

You can always visit any of my girls on Phone Sex Chat Room if you can’t get me. Simply click on the girls to the right once you get inside the room. Those girls are available and ready to play.

Friday Night Chat in Phone Sex Chat Room is Back!

Make sure you come in Friday nights to to visit me and all my girls for a naughty time. I plan on handing out a free ten minute call at midnight est to a known caller… so if you have done calls in the past, make sure you are to see if you are the winner of a free call. Plus you get to meet all my shiny new phone hookers!!!

Phone Sex Specials

I have new specials up on my site, so be sure to check them out. Also, if you help vote to the front page of phone sex central page, I will release in my twitter a coupon you can use to get five free minutes with call for the week of 1.10.2011-1.16.2011. If you get us in the top ten, I will release a coupon in my twitter (or you can just ask me or the girls for it) giving you ten free minutes with purchase of call! Woo Hoo!

Now, no cheating… you can only vote once every four hours, I know how much some of you guys like to help, but we can do this fair and square.. hee hee. All you have to do is go to, scroll down to the bottom of the page to the phone sex central banner. (Its the blinky one with the girl on the phone) Click on it, enter the code you see in the box, and then submit … then check to see where we are at!

I know, I know… I rock, I really do. But I figure, it’s the best way to get you discounts and get you to play with me and my girls (like you need any more reasons besides the fact we are just damn good at what we do.) I figure this way it will make it fun for us all!

I know I get sappy this time of year, and most often in my blogs… but I really do love what I do. It’s because of all you awesome guys out there that treat me like a true princess. I adore each and every one of you. Thank you for helping me prove that phone sex isn’t just soem pump and dump where the guys just get off and the girls are only doing it for money. I like my brand of phone sex. Where I get to know you, and you know me. I think it is why our calls are so awesome, and why each and every day I can’t wait to answer my phone. I am truly appreciated, as are each and every one of you! See… I get sappy.

If I tried to list off the calls I have done, even just for this weekend, I would be here all night into the next day… lol. I have had a royal blast, even if some of you horny boys have kept me up into the wee hours of the morning… or maybe it was me keeping you up… I don’t know… all I know is… I WANT MORE!

Here’s to a WICKED AWESOME 2011!


Phone Sex Cutie Should Have, But Didn’t… sigh.

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There was this beautiful woman on the boat yesterday. Dressed in a skin tight red dress that when the sun hit it just right, you could see her black thong and bra. There was a lot of sun yesterday. Not only could you see her undies, but the dress was so tight, you could see her mound. Her sweet little mound that I would have given anything to have gone down on. If you know me, you know, I love bald mounds… nothing like looking over a mound to see the pleasure you are giving someone, am I right guys?

Her body, was perfect. Toned and tall. Her breast, well they were smaller than mine. But it was her face that made me so intimidated by her. She looked seventeen, dark hair, blue eyes, perfect skin. Her face was probably one of the most breath taking faces I have ever seen. I could have stared at her all night, I probably did.

I wanted to talk to her so bad, sooo bad. I wanted to know if I, someone as plain as me, could have a chance with her. But I was scared. Every time she came near me, I would start to shake. When I finally heard her speak, she spoke what I thought was Russian, so maybe should wouldn’t have even have understood me if I had tried to talk to her.

It would have been fun to try.

I had my camera, I should have taken a picture, but every time she was near… I couldn’t think. Alas, she is gone forever and I will never know… sigh. But I will always have her in my head, my dreams.

Sorry, had to get that out. I know, most are probably thinking it’s BS, just normal “phonebot” journal spew, but cross my heart, I fell in love with a complete stranger last night. Love, lust, whatever… I can’t get her out of my head.

What was I doing on a boat you might ask? My friends and I went on a Dinner Cruise. We were suppose to go to Hampton Beach, but at last minute almost, our plans changed. Yesterday was extremely amazing, even if it got off on the wrong foot.

I went out to lunch with some people Im doing volunteer work with, they know what I do for a living, as I am open and honest with everyone. The peeps do that underhanded compliment and just are so fake. They are soccer moms who think volunteering give them street cred, as all they talk about is how burdensome volunteering can be to their busy lives. Sucks Ass. They treat me and a couple of the other girls the same. I got to talk to them a little bit more, found out ones a stripper and the other, well… lady of the night, tho you would never have guessed if you saw her.

They really don’t tell people what they do, because they get judged, and they don’t tell people they volunteer because they don’t need to. I tell some people, but it’s more of a, hey, I do it, we could use some help, so why don’t you do it too kinda thing. It was kinda cool, cause all three of us are in the same biz, they our personalities are completely different. People judge us, say we are doing harm to the world, and here we are helping. I wonder if it’s because maybe it’s our way to prove them wrong? huh?

After lunch, my friends and I drove up to this little craft fair about an hour and a half away. When we got there, it was at a ski lodge and they had the ski lift going! So we all got on and road to the top of the mountain, it was so amazing. So peaceful. I thought it would be a short ride, but it just kept going, and going. At the top, it gave us a great view of the lakes region. Now I want to take up skiiing cause it looks so fun.

After the ski lift, we walked through the crafts fair and foung… POTTERS WHEELS. I hadn’t played on one in forever. I made lil kids cry tho. Cause I got on and made a beautiful vase in like ten minutes. The 12 year olds had wabbly gunk. Moms were pretty ticked at me, I look like im 12, I guess. They were telling their children, “she probably been watching them teach for awhile.” I am really having a hard time liking most soccer moms. Blghh.

Post clay awesomeness, we ran across a covered bridge. Apparently they are everywhere, but I have only found two so far. Oddly enough, the last one was last 4th of July, lol. I was so excited, till I found out that this bridge was only built in 1995. Lame. Pretty, but lame none the less.

That brings us to the Dinner Cruise on the Mt. Washington. Retro ship, was awesome. Food was good, music was hokey, but I had fun. Chasing down the “lady in red”. I may have to paint her from memory, she’s haunting me. Met up with my Brother and the Other on the cruise and watched one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen from the water, that was capped off by fireworks going off all around us. Simply Amazing.

It’s weird not being near a military area around here. With the military, the fourth of julys is spectacular. Here, it’s like, ok, an excuse to drink at best. I miss being near army bases, but was fun to see some people enjoying the fourth, making it wonderful.

I will just have to train New Hampshire how to throw an Awesome 4th of July Party. Lol.

Check out my website for new Phone Sex Specials I got specials for Cuckold Phone Sex and Sissy Phone Sex You also should be following me on Twitter if you aren’t, as I have twitter specials all the time.

Also, if you buy a call with Alexis or Alissa on Taboo Phone Sex Fantasy you get a free call with me to use at a later time. These are my newest girls and I want to show them off. Make sure you check them out.

Plus, on Fridays… we have Friday Night Chat nights in the Phonesex Chat Room from 11pm to 2 am EST. All previous callers that come in to play are eligible for a free 20 minute call!

I have to say, I am having soooo much fun running my own phone sex company. Don’t get me wrong, it’s A LOT of hard work, but it’s work I enjoy non the less. Yesterday was the first full day I had taken off in I don’t know how long. Felt really, really weird. My girlfriends kept teasing me that I could talk dirty to them if they liked, but I told them they couldn’t afford me… hee hee.

Anyways… I have probably chatted you up enough! You should probably call me now, so we can have some fun!

Kiss Kiss Kiss
Brigitte Kelly
The Wonder Whore

This Phone Sex Cutie Is Going To Boston University!

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Yeah, that’s right. I got in! I am so framing my letter. I am so excited, I can’t stop dancing around the house! I rock, I rule, I am so not to cool for school! I knew I would get in, but you know me, self doubt and what not sneaks in a little. I start in the fall, I can’t wait to sign up for classes, and I think Im gonna cry. I can’t think straight, sorry for the broken sentences, this is just tooooo awesome for words.

Ok, let me get it together. Breath in, nice and deep, Breath out…. slow. Oh FUCK ME, THIS IS HUGE! I am so on my way to becoming a scientist, with all my dreams coming true!

I’m so going to need some new school clothes, laptop case, all my school stuff. Fresh start, right? hee hee I can’t wait to shop, well, I will have to wait to shop. I have my beautiful niece coming to visit me for a couple weeks, don’t know when yet, and I want to spoil her like there is no tomorrow. Help me spoil her… buy a call, or better yet… tip me with an American Girl Gift Certificate. I will give you my po box to send it to. My dream is for her to walk into the store and buy whatever her little heart desires. Plus, I have so many plans for her. I wrote her a play, one person, that I will record her doing so she can show her family. We are going to make props and wardrobe for it while she is here. I also want to take her to the science center in Boston, A giant water park in New Hampshire, Plymouth rock in Mass, on the Duck boats and swan boats in Boston. Each day we are going to theme our outfits to match our outings. Like dress like scientists for the science museum, hair in buns, metal glasses, white coats… or for plymouth rock, dress like pilgrims or something. I want her to have the best time ever while she is with me, my plan is to win her over completely so that way she decides to go to Harvard when she goes to college and will live with me. She is, and always will be my partner in crime.

I have been a busy little bee lately, training mad girls. I launched Taboo Phone Sex Fantasy a couple weeks ago, and it’s been pretty successful, not quite as popular as my Hypnotic Pleasures but I am sure it will pick up once all the girls are fully trained. I love training, I like teaching girls my kind of phone sex, from texting, to twittering to doing actual calls. Yes, we can be lil fuck sluts, but I like the fact that we offer something most of the other phone sex companies out there forgot a bout years ago. Personality.

I have two more sites in their soft openings right now, working out the bugs, see how girls react to taking calls, some of them for the first times in their lives. Once I got the kinks worked out, I will unleash them on you and give you my recommendations on who you should call first, and why. You should call them all, but some of them are a little greener than others.

I am pretty proud of myself, I have kept my turnover rate down to a bare minimum. I have two girls out on vacation right now, so if you don’t see them logged on, that’s why. Most phone sex companies have extremely high turn over. I know of one that is now defunct, probably for such reasons. You have to treat your girls like gold, which I do. I know what it’s like to hear that the owner has called you an “idiot” behind your back or demands you work more hours than you can, or threatens to fire you on a routine basis. Girls are gold, there is a client base for every single girl out there.

I have had companies where men owners have done calls with me, talk about feeling icky on the inside. Plain and simple, if an owner asks you to get him off, run. I’ve heard rumors where men owners do “try outs” on girls. My philosophy is, get rocks off elsewhere, your company is not your own personal jerk fest. Yes, I do two girl calls with my girls, but I tell them it’s an option. If they want to learn from listening to me with them and feel comfortable with me, then we do it. They know that we are both working to please a customer, Im not using her. The girls I have hired have begged to listen to my calls, the closest thing I have let them listen to are my recordings. I think if I let them listen to my calls, then it would kill their own creativity, don’t you think?

I know some of you guys have done calls with a girl and said… what the hell, that was the worst phone sex ever. The thing is, she might not have been good for you, but there is a demand for her, and other men love her style of phone sex. You may see a picture of a girl, and go, ew, she’s gross, but again… there are men out there that see her beauty. I tell my girls this on a daily basis. I am not he prettiest girl there is, rather dorky looking if you ask me, but you men looove me. Some don’t, and yes, some guys think my brand of phone sex… sucks hard core. Few, but there are some… lol.

I like building my little safe haven for my golden girls. They are mine, like dolls for me to play with, help grow, hee hee. My girls, will be hard when I have to fire one of my girls, but I am sure there will be a day. I won’t put up with girls who use men as walking wallets, yes, you pay us… but you are human, right? Now, financial domination is a bit different, but that’s a kink, and the money sluts are human too, I guess… hee hee. I also won’t put up with cattyness or gossip which I got so sick of. That and fraud will be some of the only reasons to terminate.

I like to keep things positive. I already have two girls who have got tickets to see me when we go to vegas, another one has said yes, and three more are thinking about it. Only two have said no. I have so much planned, even a little awards dinner for them, because they all rock it hard core. I found a company that does trophies and engravings and I think they would be hilarious to hand out to the girls.

I also have Phone Sex Chatroom up and running. On Friday nights, I will be in there from 10 pm est to midnight est chatting with you guys. During this time, I WILL NOT TAKE CALLS. I just want to get to know you guys better, chat and have some fun. After midnight, Ill start taking calls again. You can purchase your time during the chat session to put you in que to have your way with me after… lol. First come, well.. first to cum basis… lol. Some of my girls might start joinging me, and you are more than welcome to do calls with them during that time if you like, for right now, I may change it to where you have to wait for them till after midnight if it gets too popular… lol.

Let’s see, what else? Nothing I can spring on the world just yet. I know, I am so secretive, but I can tell you this. Sadly, more girls read this blog than boys most the time, so I gotta play things close to the vest. Many of you have pointed out the lil things girls pick up and use, so you know what I am talking about… lol. Let’s just say, in the next couple of months, I will have something no other company has, that I know of, and it’s going to put some men on their asses how awesome it is! I rule!

Ok, so I should finish this so I can go work on my May phone sexnewsletter, which I should have done first… hee hee. I shall yak at you all later… kisses.

The Wonder Whore

Phone Sex Nightmares

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I rarely sleep and when I do, I wake up thinking there are men in the house. Not just one, but like several. It startles me awake and I can’t get back to sleep. I sleep naked, have since I was real small, and the first thing I do when I wake up is cover up and try to hide.

I woke up not to long ago, which is why I am writing a journal at 4 in the morning. Please tell me that these dreams mean I am coming into a LOT of money soon… hee hee. Then it would be worth all the sleepless nights.

So, for those of you who don’t follow my twitter… I have finished with my two year degree!!! I don’t actually get to walk till late June, but I am officially done. I feel free, least for six months. Then, cross your fingers, I will be studying my ass off again at BU, yeah baby! I am going to party this summer like it’s my last. I am already signed up for scuba classes to get certified, and I decided a few nights ago, that I would try and get my SAG card, or at least a couple vouchers towards getting it. Just something of a challenge to keep things lively… lol. Boston is a big stomping ground for new films, and it looks to be a busy summer.

Not to mention all the work I am putting into my own company. Jeez oh pete, I can’t wait to be able to afford managers, lol. I’m just kidding, it’s not that bad of a task, just a lot of talking with training new girls as well as being there for their beck and calls. I am pleasantly pleased with the progress, and I plan on taking more steps in the right direction… Phone Sex World Rulage will be the ultimate goal.

So… Im evil. Some of you might have caught hints of this in the past, but I always considered myself more spoiled brat than evil, but lately… I kinda like being really, really bad. My dominate side is coming out in full force, so much so that I am making grown men cry. Real Tears, whether it be anal violations, cbt, cuckold humiliation, or my freaking favorite… Financial Humiliation… I am just enjoying the crap out of hearing men whimper and beg.

Don’t worry for my sweet role play and lover men, I will not unleash this new side of me on you, infact, I will actually put my devilish side on a new, upcoming website(as soon as I get a new video card, I can finish it) so you will be safe from my inner meanie boom-ba-leanie. So much fun, I always loved being spoiled, now I force week minded peni (peni is the plural for penis, right?) into handing me their money,dignity, or control… lol!

I thought I would be a new auntie all over again by now, but the baby momma just doesn’t want to pop. She’s been in and out of the labor, driving my brother and the other insane, this past week. It’s not her fault, but man, squeeze my niece out already, lol. I wanna see her. For those that don’t know, I live with my gay brother and his husband and they are adopting a baby girl, as soon as she comes into this world.

I have to admit, I am really excited. It’s their child, so I get to play with it and hand it back. I don’t really want children, at least at this point in my life, but man… I love naughty phone sex role plays that involve the caller wanting to knock me up, put a baby in my tender, young belly. I am wet just thinking about it, is that normal? Im sucha dork.

My beloved four foot deep, 15 feet wide swim pool is dead… it will not be resurrected this summer. I found a new one on amazon that is four feet deep, and 18 feet wide, and hopefully I can get it soon. I am just scared to think of what the shipping costs will be. I already have a place for it, all leveled out… and hopefully will get the boys to help me set it up if I do get it. I don’t think I can live without being a water baby this year. Not to mention, right now it is still really warm, and I am craving a late night, early morning…uh… skinny dip… hee hee.

Just a reminder, I will be gone this Thursday/Friday… may be back really late on Friday, or you might try and see if I am in a place to do calls during those days, but getting me might be difficult. If you haven’t had a chance, check out my girl Barely Legal Phone Sex Girl Candie if you need a fix and I am not around. Or if you are looking for something different, try one of the girls at Hypnotic Pleasures Erotic Hypnosis. Taylor on that site kicked my ass in sales this weekend, I am not ashamed, as I trained her well. Now only if I could get all the girls to kick my butt… Id be mega rich!

I have about eight more girls on the new site that just soft opened, as soon as all the bugs are worked out, I will share that link with you. Nothing but the best for my callers… hee hee.

So much work to do, so little time… hee hee. I think I will sign off for now, as I am finally feeling sleepy again. I will have a newsletter out as soon as the things I am working on are done, you guys are so gonna like em, as well as update the specials on my page. Hee Hee I know you all are waiting with baited breath.

So tired now… someone wanna snuggle?

The Wonder Whore